Unigraf VTG-5225 DP - High definition pattern source with RGB, YPbPr, DVI and DisplayPort output

Artikelnummer: VTG-5225 DP

Full featured USB connected DisplayPort? pattern generator and reference source. Qualified for DP conformance testing. Pattern generator features controlled by WinVTG graphical user interface.

Kategorie: VTG-5225 DP DisplayPort Pattern Generator and Reference Source

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DisplayPort? Reference Source

Unigraf VTG-5225 DP video pattern generator is an optimum solution for testing DisplayPort? 1.1 Sink devices. It implements the full requirements set in DisplayPort? specification for deep color and it supports display modes up to WQXGA resolution. VTG-5225 is connected to tyhe PC via a USB interface. The VINVTG GUI allows to control all aspects of the unit including detailed definition of the timings, patterns and controls to the DP interface.

VTG-5225 is the premium tool for performing the DisplayPort CTS tests for DP Sink Devices.

Supports present and future needs

In addition to the outstanding output signal performance, the VTG-5225 DP provides a superior flexibility by storing timing files, predefined test pattern and custom made bitmaps internally. These features allow the VTG-5225 DP to support both present and future high resolution panel and display testing requirements.

Powerful programmability and
software support

? RGB, DVI and DisplayPort? outputs
? USB connection
? Powerfull pattern drawing
? True Color bitmaps
? Unlimited number of patterns and timings
? Ultra high speed pattern and bitmap switching / scrolling

Applications include:

? Standards pre-testing
? Manufacturing testing
? Engineering signal source
? QA source of standard signals
? Servicing

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