Unigraf UFG Console Power Tools for UFG-04 HDMA and UFG-04 DP

Artikelnummer: UFG Console Power Tools

Advanced, interface specific tools for UFG-04 HDMA and UFG-04 DP

Kategorie: UFG-04 DP DisplayPort Frame Grabber

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GUI for UFG-04 Test Frame Grabbers

Unigraf UFG04 Console is an unique method for testing HDMI and DisplayPort source devices. The powerful features can be used in an engineering test lab or in the production line also by using the software SDK. This ensures a fast engineering test time and more test cycles in a limited time span.

Video Capture without Dropping Frames

Unigraf UFG-04 test frame grabber boards provide an unique feature of capturing up to 1000 consecutive non-compressed frames into the 4 Gigabytes on-board frame buffer. The user can e.g. evaluate display controller rendering pixel by pixel and without any lost frames.

? Preview video, also 3D and HDCP encrypted contents
? Capture snapshot and frame sequence bitmaps
? Capture and store audio as file

Analyze Video and Audio

Human detection is not a very precise tool for detecting random failures in an image or audio clip. The most demanding test material is also not optimal for bare eye problem detection. The Compare feature of the UFG04 Console allows you to verify the correct transfer of purpose designed display patterns or audio test clips in seconds and get a reliable result every time.

? Compare input video frames to a reference
? 100% frame level compare in the hardware
? Pixel level compare in the software
? Set bit level compare masks
? Preview failing pixels
? Store cumulative error bitmap and fail statistics

Emulate Any Sink Device

With the programmable EDID of the UFG-04 board the user can easily verify his Source interoperability with any the Sink device. Programming the EDID to UFG-04 and monitoring chanes in the video and audio mode and the Metadata with Status Log feature you can reliably determine correct operation or problems.

? Edit and re-program EDID information
? Load and program EDID hex files from PC
? Supports VESA and CEA EDID bocks
? Allows for emulating any Sink Device
? Generate HPD pulse with programmable length

Monitor Link Events

The Event log collects time stamped link status information. By changing the Sink EDID and monitoring the Source response the user can verify that his Source Device operates as intended. By using UFG04 SDK to automate the test system the user is able to test tens of different combinations in minutes.

? Log video status and audio status
? Log and decode InfoFrames, ACS and other metadata
? Log sync status and AVMUTE status
? Absolute or incremental time stamp for each event
? Save or recall log file
? Filter events for clarity

PowerTools Features

Most of the UFG04 Console features are included in the Standard set with the UFG-04 test frame grabber board. Some of the most advantaged features are grouped in the PowerTolls option that can be acquired separately.

Please refer to the link below for description of a full listing of the Standard and PowerTools features.

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