Unigraf UFG-04 HDMA-512 - HDMI Frame Grabber 2 GB

Artikelnummer: UFG-04 HDMA-512

HDMI and DVI capture, 165 Mpix/s rate, 2 GB frame buffer

Kategorie: Framegrabber

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HDMI Test Suite Platform

UFG-04 HDMA is the hardware platform for a complete test suit for testing HDMI Source Devices. Combining the advanced features in the board and its FPGA Firmware with the functionalities in the UFG Console GUI or the software API in UFG04 SDK make UFG-04 HDMA a very powerfull and easy to use test suite. The features available provide an effective tool set for verifyin or debugging the performance of a HDMI Source or troubleshooting Sink Source interoperability issues.

HDMI 1.3 Stream Analyzer

UFG-04 HDMA test frame grabber board is able to capture HDMI 1.3 video and audio with the full 12 bits per color component and resolution up to VESA 1920x1200@60 (RB) and Full HD 1080p60. The on-board frame buffer enables the capture of up to 1000 frame-to-frame video clips regardless of the PC bottlenecks. This unique feature enables e.g. the detailed analysis of how the Source renders fast moving video sequences.

HDMI 1.4 3D frames and the assiociated Vendor-Specific Infoframes can be stored and analyzed in detail.

Analyze Image and Metadata

With UFG-04 HDMA the user gets full access to HDMI link status, InfoFrames and other metadata. By using either UFG Console GUI or custom software and UFG04 API the user will get to know exactly the behaviour of the Source. This is a valuable set of data when debugging interoperability problems.

The user can also verify the fidelity of the captured images frame to frame, pixel to pixel, bit to bit. Using purpose designed test images like random noise patterns with the Comapre function of the UFG04 Console will reveal problems that cannot be detected with bare eye observation. The tests will be valuable for both debugging or long term testing.


? HDMI 1.3 Deep Color Capture
? Up to 1920x1200@60 (RB) and 1080p60 Full HD
? Up to 12 bits per color depth
? Up to 500 frames on-board capture
? User programmable EDID
? High speed PCIe bus

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