Unigraf UCD-500 DP 2.0 16K Video Generator & Analyzer

Artikelnummer: UCD-500

UCD-500 is a video generator and analyzer unit for testing DisplayPort? 2.0 Sinks and Sources up to 8K@60Hz (16K@60 Hz with DSC) video modes with UHBR 20 Max Bit Rate Capability. UCD-500 support DP 2.0 features like Panel Replay, Adaptive Sync, DSC, FEC and LTTPR.

Kategorie: UCD-500 DP 2.0 16K Video Generator & Analyzer

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Validation Tool
UCD-500 is a Compliance Test Tool for validating DP 1.4a & DP 2.0 Link Layer on DP Sinks and Sources. DP 2.0 Link Layer CTS will be added when VESA releases compliance test specification. It is also a Compliance Test Tool for HDCP 2.2/2.3 on DP Transmitters, Receivers and Repeaters.  

Dolby Vision?, HDR 10 and HDR 10+
The unit is capable of playback functionality on source side to output HDR formats such as Dolby Vision?, HDR 10 and HDR 10+ for resolutions up to 16K@60 Hz. Playback of compressed audio formats including Dolby Atmos? is supported. Dolby Laboratories provides users with Dolby Vision content.

Capturing video and SDP including audio packets provides the data for validation of HDR and Dolby Vision.

The test device makes for an ideal tool for developers of DisplayPort 2.0 compliant ASICs and devices like PCs, graphics cards, gaming monitors and VR/AR goggles that support HDR formats and want to have their products certified for Dolby Vision.

For R&D and Test Automation
UCD-500 supports both hands-on debugging and running extended automated test sequences. UCD Console GUI is a preview and test application for desktop use. Each interface function has a well-structured dialog for superior at-a-glance viewability.

Unigraf TSI is a test software API that provides the system integrator a fast and reliable way for ensuring the functionality of the tested equipment.


  • DP 1.4a & DP 2.0 Link Layer CTS Tool for Sinks & Sources
  • Support for HDCP 2.2/2.3 including Compliance Testing
  • 16K Reference DP Sink & Source
  • 10/13.5/20 Gb/s Link Rates
  • Playback and capture Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+
  • MST (4 streams)
  • DSC, FEC and LTTPR
  • Panel Replay and Adaptive Sync

Unigraf is in joint development with industry-leading companies for DisplayPort? 2.0 Hardware and Software Test Tools including UCD-500. Early access hardware for UCD-500 will be available in August 2020.

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