Unigraf UCD-240 USB Type-C Test Automation Tool

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UCD-240 is a cost-effective and flexible Test Automation tool for testing USB Type-C products in production line environment. UCD-240 is a fully featured Test Automation tool supporting DP Alt Mode, 4K@60Hz and NI TestStand. UCD-240 is easy-to-use and its test coverage includes all essential features of the USB-C interface.

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Cost Effective and Flexible Solution for Automated Production Line Testing

Key Features
  • Automated tests for USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode
  • Electrical Test to verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insert
  • Test USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • 4K@60 support
  • Easily set test parameters with provided Software
  • Easily run tests from the command-line
  • Unigraf's Test System Interface (TSI) Support
  • Third Part Test Management Software Support e.g. NI TestStand Support

UCD-240 features an efficient and effortless way of USB Type-C sinks and sources. UCD-240 test coverage includes:

  • Video & Audio
  • Electrical Test to verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insert
  • DisplayPort Alt Mode
  • Link
  • Power Delivery
  • USB 2.0 & 3.0 Functionalities
  • Built-in Automated Test Sets for:
    • CRC Based Video Tests
    • Link
    • Electrical Test

The provided software enables user access to the vital test parameters and configured tests can be easily run from the command-line. UCD-240 is also fully compatible with third-party test management softwares e.g. NI TestStand. Unigraf's Test System Interface enables easy integration of automated tests into existing test systems.

Complete Set for Automated Testing
UCD-240 comes as a plug & play package ready for automated tests. The delivery content includes UCD-240 HW Test Tool, All necessary TSI Software with licenses, Electrical Testing cable supporting automatic CC line flip and a USB 3.0 flash drive with pre-stored sequence files.

Unigraf's Unique Electrical Tests
In production line testing it is crucial to ensure that components in the DUT are functional and soldering process and assembly were successful. UCD-240's Electrical Test can verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insertion. Electrical Test verifies that all the connector pins are properly soldered. With Electrical Test you can make sure that components in the DUT are functional and soldering and assembly of the components is done properly.

Three Options for Test Automation

Run tests with UCD Console and Command-line
UCD Console GUI, delivered with each UCD-240 device, is used for specifying all test parameters used in the automated tests. You can easily select and modify all necessary test parameters according to your DUT needs. After the tests have been configured and stored in a known location, desired tests can be run straight from the command-line. Watch the video below how to run automated tests from the command-line using UCD Console GUI as a test configurator.

Run Automated Tests with Third Party Test Management Software
UCD-240 is also compatible with third party Test Management Software e.g. NI TestStand. You can create your own tests or use the tests available to run automated tests with third party Test Management Software. Below you can watch a demo video of test automation with UCD-240 using NI TestStand on USB-C smartphone.

Unigraf's Test System Interface (TSI)
Unigraf's SDK for test automation is called Test System Interface (TSI). UCD-240 can also be used with TSI. TSI is a hardware independent, high-level Software API (Software Application Interface). It offers compact and short cycle time test routines with which the functionality of most common display interfaces can be verified.
The use of TSI and the Test Cases significantly simplifies integrators' need to do application specific programming. TSI ensures the compatibility of the application software with any Unigraf test equipment hardware. Both TSI and Test Cases ensure the user flexibility for future upgrades and, what is a major cost factor, re-use of the written code of the software.

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