Unigraf Launches World's First USB-C Tester with DP Alt Mode

16.12.2016 21:36

UCD-340 is the first integrated test equipment for testing the functionality of USB Type-C sinks and sources. UCD-340 features a flexible and robust way of testing DisplayPort® Alt Mode and power delivery functions of USB‑C.

The provided software enables user access to the vital parameters and controls needed when evaluating the various functions of the interface.

For R&D and Production

Unigraf is introducing UCD-340, the world's first integrated test equipment for testing DisplayPort™ Alt Mode function in USB Type-C Sink and Source devices. UCD-340 is an easy-to-use and productive tool for confirming the functionality of an USB-C interface either during R&D phase or in production line.

Powerful Controls for a Designer

The UCD-340 desktop GUI called UCD Console enables the user to monitor the Power Delivery and Role statuses of the interface. User can also manually simulate the various role combinations and e.g. simultaneously verify the status of the DP Alt Mode video and audio delivery.

Ready-to-Use Automated Functionality Test

UCD-340 high level test API called TSI includes Test Cases for verifying functionality of a USB-C connected device in a certain product category. The predefined Test Cases include test for e.g. for a DP-Alt-Mode-Source/Dual-Role-Port combination for testing mobile phones, tablet, 2-in-1 or laptop PCs. Similar Test Cases are provided also for other USB-C device types.

Deliveries Start Soon

The engineering samples of UCD-340 are available in December 2016 with volume deliveries in the end of Q1 2017. Please contact Unigraf for Details.

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