Unigraf DPR-120 - DP 1.2 Compliant Reference Sink

Artikelnummer: DPR-120

DPR-120 is a compact sized HBR2 and MST compliant Reference Sink for testing DP 1.2 Sources.

Kategorie: DPR-120 DP 1.2 Test Device

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Full DP Reference Sink Functionality

DPR-120 is a full featured DisplayPort? 1.2 compliant Reference Sink. It provides all features needed for testing DisplayPort? Multistream (MST) source devices like PC display cards or portable computers. The Debug and Test Controller GUI is the user interface of DPR-120. It enables monitoring the performance of the DUT.

Monitor Any MST Stream

The DPR-120 allows the user to evaluate the details of both the upstream DP Link and also any MST Stream received. Main Stream Attributes (MSA), Video Status and CRC of color components can be monitored and logged. The user can additionally monitor, parse and edit both the EDID and the DPCD data of the DPR-120 Sink. All these are valuable features for testing the DUT source with various sink capability scenarios.
Debug and Test Controller GUI is also the user interface for DP 1.2 Link Layer CTS Extensions tests.

For Engineering and Production

The compact size, only 23 x 17 x 5.6 centimeters make the DPR-120 ideal for both a laboratory desktop and production line instrument rack.

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