MS-TestPro 104 (MS104B) - Battery based, Wi-Fi Interface, HDMI Pattern Generator

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HDBaseT Analyzer- Configuration,Performance, Basic Analysis Tools- HDMI Pattern Generator, EDID Analyzer, Certification report, Up to 24 Hour Log Report, HDBaseT 3rd party FW upgrade System Setup - System Settings: Used to perform setup operations

Kategorie: HDBaseT Testing

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  • 4 hours rechargeable battery
  • MS-TestPro inline tester emulates an HDBaseT Transmitter or Receiver device operating up to pixel rates of 300MHz.This supports testing of 4K Ultra High Definition sources and sinks operating at 60/50Hz using HDMI 4:2:0 2.0 pixel encoding
  • Monitoring of the performance and quality of the HDBaseT link
    • Up Link
    • Down link
  • Firmware downloads to 3rd party devices via HDBaseT link
  • Monitoring configuration of local or remote side
  • Main unit accommodates removable module which is exchangeable (Tx & Rx)
  • Supports PoE (can work in front of Rx & Tx)
  • Creates log files ? Generates installation quality report
  • Browser-based control interface on any external device (Android, iOS, Mac, PC) via

Service:1 Jahr Bring-In-Service
  • Main unit
  • Rx module
  • Tx module
  • Remote unit adaptor
  • Short HDMI Cable
  • Hardened Case
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