DPR-120 DP 1.2 Test Device

DPR-120 is a full featured DisplayPort? 1.2 compliant Reference Sink.
It provides all features needed for testing DP Multistream (MST) source devices like PC display cards or portable computers. The Debug and Test Controller GUI is the user interface of DPR-120. It provides the user a multitude of valuable tools for monitoring the performance of the DUT.
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Unigraf DP CTS LL Exttension1 and Core, Set A+B+C (for DPR-120)

5.280,00 € *

Unigraf DP RefSink CTS LL Extensions1, Set A+B

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Unigraf DP RefSink CTS LL Upgrade from Set A+B to A+B+C (for DPR-120)

525,00 € *

Unigraf DP RefSink Reduced Lane Count test, Set D (for DPR-120)

875,00 € *

Unigraf DPR-120 - DP 1.2 Compliant Reference Sink

3.865,00 € *

Unigraf DPR-120 MST Debug Extension - AUX Monitor and MST Stream Timeslot Allocation Panel

3.950,00 € *

Unigraf DPR-120 Test automation Shell SW

1.100,00 € *