DP RefSink AUX Controller

Functionality of Unigraf DPR-100 Reference Sink to automate the Physical Layer (PHY) compliance tests of DisplayPort source devices. The functionality is controlled by the oscilloscope performing the PHY test.

DP RefSink AUX Controller can be used for PHY Compliance Test for DisplayPort 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

DP AUX Controller is a feature for automating DisplayPort™ PHY testing. The function of the AUX Controller is to provide the PHY Test Equipment, that is not a native DP equipment, a communication channel with the Tested unit (UUT). This inhibits the need for the test engineer to manually change the operation modes of the UUT and letting them concentrate on other tasks while the tests are being run.

DP AUX Controller function is implemented with a dedicated firmware for Unigraf Reference Sink or Reference Source. The test application in the PHY test equipment commands the firmware to perform actions needed for bringing the UUT in the needed mode.

Unigraf RefSink AUX Controller feature is used with Unigraf DPR-100 Reference Sink. It is compatible with the following PHY test equipment:

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